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If you were a serial killer, exactly where would you look for work? Well, if your name is Dexter, you would function for the Miami Metro Police department in the blood analysis unit. Dexter is the hit, multi award-winning Showtime drama primarily based on the books by Jeff Lindsay that is one of, if not the very best display on tv. The primary character of Dexter is performed by Michael C. Corridor (6 Feet Under), and his performance lends believability to the character and shows just how well a serial killer can fit in with regular culture. Dexter’s main issue is attempting to figure out just how to fit his killings into his function schedule, and then how to wrap all of that around becoming a father and spouse.

This is a new display that is starting this summer. Chloe King is a teenager with unique powers like speed, enhanced hearing, agility, and the ablilty to climb objects with the use of her claws. She not only finds out that she is a descendant of an historical race, but that she might be the important to protecting the race from assassins that have been hunting them for 1000’s of years. Needless to say, this show seems like its going to filled with a great deal of mystery and drama and certainly 1 worth viewing.

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Of program, there is one downside (that’s always the situation, isn’t it?) If you’re an abroad viewer, you won’t be able to view these exhibits on-line due to the syndication agreements with your own country’s tv stations. But for US viewers, appreciate the display!