Origin of Steampunk or Steampunk Fashion

The term was coined in 1987 by K.W. Jeter author of the novel Morlock night. He used the term to describe a genre of speculative fiction in which steam, not electricity, drove technological advancements. Since then it has been used to describe an artistic and cultural movement.

Elsa and Anna steampunk cosplay

Steampunk visualization take after machines form and function.

But that doesn’t mean that you add a bunch of gears to anything and label it as Steampunk.

I firmly believe that anything can become steampunk, but not everything is steampunk.

On the other hand Steampunk Fashion tends to mix modern styles along with influence from the Victorian era, such influence can be seen in Corsets, Coats, Steampunk hats and Steampunk Watches.

Steampunk Cosplay is a new trend that we are noticing getting in trend day by day.

Incredible Handmade Steampunk costume - RJ Foster


oSome of the popular Steampunk Cosplayers create their own costumes from scratch, though its  pure hard work and takes a lot of time someone who likes to craft their own stuff says “I get sheer accomplishment out of this” – well that makes sense.

On talking to some cosplayers it turns out steampunk accessories are pretty hard to find some of the good resources for steampunk accessories are rebelsmarket and steampunk-accessories.com

One of most popular Steampunk accessory are the watches – if you want to know more about Steampunk watches or are interested in making a purchase a Steampunk Watch.