Om Symbol Tibetan Jewelry

The National Geographic channel offers a great lineup of knowledgeable and entertaining nature shows. This list features the best for all different ages.

RZW: Janet, my move back to St. Louis was a return…a 360 degree turn from where I began…where I was born and raised. I needed to do some ancestoral work in St. Louis and take care of my father’s estate.

Let’s look at black holes. Consider God and black holes. All galaxies have black holes. Our Milky Way galaxy apparently has many of them. The number of black holes in the universe might even be larger than the number of visible stars. To get a feeling for how intense a black hole is, to make a star into a black hole, you’d have to collapse the radius of our sun from 450,000 miles down to two miles, so it could pretty much fit in a small town, okay? Now a sun that had that kind of density would weigh more per teaspoon than Mount Everest does. That’s what a black hole would be.

Meditation assists us in evolving to the sound of a perfect being, which is mmmm. This is symbolic of the Norse Rune, Mannaz, which is a capital M that has an x on the top of its two vertical lines, instead of a v at the top like a regular M. These represent our legs. Polarities unite at the center of this x. The place in our bodies this refers to is the area of the belly or midriff. This place is earth or Midgard, in the spiritual latest cosmology news of the Norse. As a visual meditation, you can visualize a red Mannaz, which represents the energy of fire. Simply meditate while gazing at its center.

So Thomas if you had either taken the time to figure it out for yourself or somehow found out about Deism, you would have realised that you could acknowledge God’s existence and also evil’s existence.

This plane had two fixed lights on its wings with the red flashing lights in the middle. The second I saw the airplane I saw a bright light, seemingly so close to it as it appeared to me looking from below, that I took a deep breath thinking that it was another plane and if they were at close enough altitudes they were about to collide. But strangely the plane kept going in its path northeast and this light, nothing blinking like the other craft, just a light, it carried on west/northwest.

I was looking up and saw one moving item in the sky after being outside for no more than 20 seconds and I assumed it was an airplane so I looked away to find something else interesting to look at… I look back to the airplane moments later and then the main light which looks like a halogen airplane light blink off with no afterglow. Remaining is a green strobe light on the object, then within one minute after it staying in place it just shoots up into the sky and is gone within 2 seconds. I was looking NW from my back porch to see this object.

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