How Can I Make Lots Of Money Online To Pay My Mortgage?

Thinking about how to make a website? Here are a few helpful hints I thought I’d share with you which I’ve discovered whilst running my Perth web design and online business consulting company during the last 5 years.

1) Online surveys: I bet that you have heard that taking surveys online for pay is a scam. Generally, this actually is true. However, don’t let the bad companies ruin this great job for you! If you do a search on Google for the best survey companies, you will find that many people have written articles on their favorite places to take surveys.

Check for backlinks. Yahoo SiteExplorer or other free tools let you count the number of backlinks to that specific webpage. If the top results have thousands of links, it may be hard to beat them, but if they only have a few links (less than 100) it should be pretty easy to get more links than them.

2) Make Your Own Website: Many people have built websites that make money for them every single month. That’s because there e so many ways to earn money from your site. You can put ads on it, ask for donations, or put affiliate links on your web pages. If you do not know 1:41:27, then I highly recommend you use Site Build It. This is a program that helps average people build their own websites.

The next problem was getting onto the boat when she’s out of the water. A huge ladder had to be fixed to the side and scaffolding all around the boat to be able to work. My poor crew took one look at the ladder (imagine climbing as high as a second story building!) and decided once she was on the boat, she wouldn’t be getting off too many times during the day. But, within a few days, she was even able to carry the shopping up and the rubbish down!

In order to accommodate this style you have to use headlines that grab their brains and bolded sub headers that summarize three or four paragraphs. Basically what you are providing is an easy way for their eyes to pick out an “abridged” version of your content. It’s really a kind of Cliff’s Notes approach but it’s crucial to keeping the visitor engaged. Big blocks of text, no matter how brilliantly written just turn people off.

For a small “Presence” website with one or two email addresses, you can probably count on spending about $10 – $20 per month. A full-blown eCommerce website will cost about $35 per month if you lease a Site Builder. You can spend much more for elaborate websites of course. Take time to find a good trustworthy developer if you decide to hire someone.

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